LENO - IDEAL d.o.o.

Mesnička 29
10000 ZAGREB
tel/fax: +385 1 485 1101
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With regular partner Perform construction, civil engineering, façade and stucco that are technically equipped. Pursuant to the Decision of the Ministry of Culture, Directorate for Protection of Cultural Heritage were entered in the Register of specialized legal and natural persons who have permission to perform operations on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

Work on the current facilities are made professionally and well with the excellent cooperation and the satisfaction of the supervisory engineers, conservators and restorers, and with the organization of work and the implementation of necessary measures for the protection and safety of buildings (cultural goods) and the environment.

For each building takes the necessary documents as required by special regulations. Deviations from the project during construction are carried out only when they are needed, or when there is a better solution and shall, with the consent of all participants in the project.