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Dear partners and friends,

Experience the organization, management and supervision of the performance of previous work and great customer - investor confidence was our incentive to open their own businesses that want to invest their own funds and enable customers - investors even faster better organization, management and execution of all construction- foreman.

LENO - IDEAL d.o.o. - Is a leader in the execution of all construction- foreman.

Deals with the organization and management of work, conducting daily, supervised the execution, consulting, procurement of certain types of materials.

With permanent partners perform all kinds of construction - foreman such as :

    • about engineering
    • of Buildings
    • of the construction works of monumental buildings value
    • of carpentry works
    • about locksmithing
    • of electrical work
    • about plumbing
    • on heating and air conditioning
    • of ventilation works
    • about Drywall works
    • about Parquet works
    • of restoration works
    • about drvorazbarija
    • Painting of painting works

Our regular partners are equipped with the necessary equipment to perform all kinds of work, and have a great experience as we show in the appendix lists the officer derived objects.

Common Group has over 100 workers and in this way we are able to run and equip the larger objects within the specified time.

Such a method achieve better and more accurate quality as indicated by the list administrator derivative works.

Interested foreign buyers offering an option to purchase land and property in our country and complete the desired project.

We follow the market trend, and are committed to customer - investor offer all together.

Possibility of turnkey. All materials and services that meet the quality and trend of the market.


We are at your service!


Leno-ideal d.o.o.

Mesnička 29, 10000 Zagreb

+385 1 485 1101
mob: +385 98 901 0929